Welcome to CB'S DHALL

Welcome to CB'S DHALL

Welcome to CB'S DHALL

Welcome to CB'S DHALL


About CB'S Dhall

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CB'S Dhall is one of the leading consumer food product companies in India, magnificently over 10 years of business expertise. With the most trustworthy brand name CB'S. We are manufacturer and marketer of exalted household food products. It's farm-fresh agro food business especially in pulses. We rapidly grown up and has made impressive annual turn-over by exceeding 40 million US dollars. Our astute exponent and understanding about public need for quality, readily available dhall and food products combined with business acumen led to this successful walk towards 100th year.

Nutritious & Delicious

Our Company is committed to excel in healthier way through its natural and nutritious food products. Having no chemical additives and preservatives, all our reliably safe products are delightfully delicious, hygienic and provide nourishment for people of all ages. Our food products can potentially make a strong influence on global health.

Product Range

Our company always goes ahead in its food business to deliver high quality products to consumers. All our food products are hearty tribute to the unique Indian home-cook tradition. The divergent range of its products has always set out to empower home-makers and enable them to make wholesome delicious food options.

Our Mission

Our Company’s consistent niche focus on quality, innovation, and differentiation backed by consumers insights, state-of-the art product development, providing right product by adding vitality to the life of communities we serve, efficient and responsive supply chain, constantly reviewing compliance with requirements, distinctive customer service enabled it to rapidly gain market standing in all its food products and home care products.

Our Vision

In the environmental constraints we face today, our commitment is to lead responsible growth that respects the social and economic benefits. Our vision has to create a future in which people improve the quality of their lives without increasing environmental impact.

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info@cbdhalls.com or call us +91 94429 22092

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